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Use Skype to make Video Calls to Your Facebook Friends


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Skype uses peer2peer technology developed by the authors of Kazaa to simulate perfectly a phone chat with your friends, and has the same reliability and sound quality as a telephone terminal.

Using Skype to make calls to other Skype users, land lines and mobile phones, is very simple. There is no need to configure an application, and this application's authors state that this applicaton offers better quality that a regular phone call.

The main novelty of this beta program is the ability to synchronize it with Facebook.This allows you to have video calls with anyone on your contact list. All you have to do is
double click on their names. Of course, you can also send messages on facebook and keep the conversation on Skype's interface.

As usual, Skype Beta is free and only takes money to make calls to real phone numbers. Comfortable, easy to use, simple and offers you many great options for making phone calls.